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Build And Grow Your Insurance Career

The coaching, guidance, mentorship, training, and support you need to be the insurance agent you were meant to be.

Welcome to The Independent Life Insurance Agent Association (ILIAA)

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Top insurance agents never stop learning, honing, and refining their sales process. You shouldn't stop either.


Six reasons why you should choose us.

  1. 1
    ILIAA was designed for insurance agents by insurance agents. Get a full understanding on prospecting, lead generation, sales, and all of the insurance products your license covers.
  2. 2
    Learn advanced sales and prospecting techniques, advanced case design, underwriting, audience targeting, and more.
  3. 3
    Developed to help you build a bigger and more profitable book for business. Go from just another insurance agent to THE INSURANCE ADVISOR for your clients.
  4. 4
    Learn to attract your ideal clients, close more deals, make more money, have the career you want, and get the tools you need to succeed.
  5. 5
    Get unlimited one-on-one coaching and support without having to do contracts or being tied to an upline. Assistance with case design, policy placement, best business practices, and more.
  6. 6
    Save on the overhead and startup cost of running your insurance business. Get several exclusive discounts on E&O, leads, website design and development, software, and more once you're a paying member of the website!

Coaching and Guidance Made For You and Your Business.

Are you looking for a helpful mentor to grow your business?

Does Either Of These Sound Familiar To You?

You're New To Insurance

You're looking at breaking into the insurance industry. As you started your search about how to prepare, get licensed, and get training you were flooded with information.

After hours of researching, you're not sure where to start, what information was correct, and it's all just been more confusing than helpful.

You're A Seasoned Agent

You've already gone through some training and made some sales. However, you want to get even higher closing ratios and learn more advanced selling techniques.

Unfortunately, the upline you got appointed through no longer provides you the support you need, answers the phone, or returns your phone calls.

The Problem:

As with most associations and uplines, to get access to training, support, guidance, and the mentorship you need;

You typically have to do one or some of the following:

  • Sign-up for contracts
  • Be a producing agent
  • Take a commission cut
  • Make additional purchases for training
  • Or something similar to get what  you need

This means that a lot of people just like you, aren't getting the help they truly deserve and need to grow their insurance careers.

The Solution:

We created an association that can provide you all the training, support, guidance, and mentorship to take your career to a higher level for a flat and affordable monthly membership that pays for itself. (Exclusive discounts will save you 3 - 5x more than your first month's membership.)

  • No gimmicks or hoops to jump through to get access to what you need
  • You don't have to be a producing agent to get help
  • Get real advice, not companies pushed on you because it benefits your upline
  • Don't waste thousands of dollars on "do-it-my-way-or fail" turnkey sales and marketing systems

Commit yourself to education, honing your craft, and refining your sales & marketing systems with the help of ILIAA.

What Other Agents Say After Joining...

Outstanding Support!

I was just getting started in the insurance industry and didn't really know what to do or how to sell. I signed up for the Independent Life Insurance Agent Association and it JUMPSTARTED my business.

What really impressed me was the help I got from the support staff. The support staff took the time and weeks of one-on-one coaching time I needed to help me understand so much more about the insurance industry and what I needed to do. They even helped me with my first case!

For anyone looking to get help, I recommend this association!

Ernest Shaw , Independent Insurance Agent

Is Selling  Insurance A Good Career Choice?

Yes, you can make great money selling insurance products/solutions to the clients that need them. In addition, you'll be helping people find peace of mind and secure their financial future.

Hey You!

Get training, support, community, and direction for your business.